Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The dinosaur day

I did not get better after my last time being sick. So the doctor let me be home this week. But a bit later today it turned out that Greta also became sick, and she was sent home from the kindergarten. So we had to find out what to do at home, though I was supposed to be in bed (yeah, with a 2.5-year old, right...). So we used the idea from this incredible post from joel, so we read a lot about dinosaurs today, both in this panoramic book, and on some iPad apps. Than we made the dinosaur paper clip figures, painted dinosaur colouring sheets, and to finish, started watching The Ice Age. This is what I call the dinosaur day.

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  1. Ой, а я тоже читаю дяденьку этого, нам бы такого папу ))
    Слушай, а Грета не вырывает с корнем поп-ап книжки?
    Выздоравливайте, болеть это плохо

  2. ага, там классные идеи бывают. Раньше да, я частенько подклеивала книжки такого типа. А эта пока ничего, жива.
    Спасибо, мы будем выздоравливать :-)


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