Tuesday, November 8, 2011


It has been a wjile since I did scrapbooking. Lately I did more knitting, little sewing, lots of shopping, enough cooking, quite a lot playing. So no time for scrapbooking. But today I decided to do a bit. Greta was so tired after the music today, tht she fell asleep in the car. Of course she woke up when I took her out of the car, but still she went to bed pretty early. Santiago works some overtime tonight, which all together gives me time for my hobby. I was looking through some old pictures (last autumn), and was amazed by how much Greta has changed since. She was still a round baby then, but now she is a little lady. But she was also funny then, and I scrapped this picture when she runs happily just outside our house. Hehe. With a finger pointing up for some reason :-)
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