Monday, August 13, 2012

A weekend trip

This weekend we had a new experience. We took a cruise boat to Denmark and back. That was a special cruise for kids, mostly, with the pirate show and so on. I honestly thought Greta was too young for that, besides that I never hace the opportunity to know how good her Norwegian is. Turns out, her Norwegian is great, she understood the whole theater part.
This is when we leave Oslo. The sunset.

And arriving to Fredrikshavn, Denmark.

We had less than two hours in Fredrikshavn, enough for a nice walk in the town.

Greta doing "art":

Back on the boat. The best part was the weather, shining sun all the time, incredibly good to be outside.

Have a great week!


  1. ой, это же тот самый зайка :) как здорово! :)
    Ксюша, очень люблю смотреть твой блог. Такие красивые фотографии, такие волшебные вы :)

  2. да, да, Женя, он самый, тот зайка. Грета к нему очень нежно осносится :) хорошо, что читаешь, спасибо

  3. Я читаю постоянно, просто не пишу. :) Партизан :)


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