Saturday, August 11, 2012

Where have I been?

I know it has been a while since the last time I posted. We had my friends over that came all the way from Russia, and I had a great time travelling with them. Again, fjords and mountains. Vova took lots of pictures, but I still did not have time to go through them. But I let you enjoy these ones I took with the phone, if you hane not seen them on Instagram (@kseniasanchez)

We drove from Kongsberg and did our first stop in Rollag.

Røldal stave church

After a couple more stops by the road, we are finally coming closer to Aurland.

The famous view from the view point to the Aurlandsfjord.

And took the mountain road to Lærdal

The place we slept the first night is just amazing. It is called "Eplet Bed and Apple", in Solvorn. Here you even have to perk between apple trees with the apples sticking inside your windows (if you forgot to close the windows, like I did...)

The view to the fjord is wonderful in Solvorn

The day after we took the tourist ferry from Lærdal to Gudvangen, I think my dear friends really enjoyed the experience.

We stopped in Undredal to buy some goat cheese, and started our way to Jotunheimen through Lærdals-tunnel

I can't stop loving Jotunheimen and Gjende especially. Nice and warm dinner in Gjendesheim

And the day after we went to Besseggen. The weather on the top was too foggy, but the most famous place was pretty ok, great view, even the rain was not a big deal compared to the experience.

I have more pictures from Besseggen coming later, but now I will show just a ouple of pictures of the nature near Gjende.

This is the view to Gjendetunga, where we went for a short trip on Sunday, just before going back home.

Have a great weekend, wherever you are!
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  1. какая красота, Ксюша!

  2. спасибо, Ксюша. ты же знаешь, что мы вашу семью в любое время примем в гости!


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