Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Bathroom fun and a kitchen marathon

We received a package today full of bathroom goodies. Greta enjoyed getting clean in a pink water, and she even got a surprise that was hidden inside of the ball.

And here is the kitchen marathon.
1l turkish yoghurt a couple of days before best before date (having been unfrozen, so you know the texture is not the best, but the yoghurt itself is great)
a husband alone at home with the child for 4 days...

Do you think he will use to cook somethink with it? I did not think so either. So I used it all up today. Now we have yoghurt-bread, yoghurt-cake (Greta said before going to bed that it has to be pink - great that I had some frozen pink cake icing!) and yoghurt-based waffels dough for breakfast. All made in a couple of hours. I feel like a super-hero!

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