Monday, July 30, 2012

Not just a usual Monday

Besides from being out usual stay-at-home Monday, today was a bit special. Today is 6 years since my husband and I are married. 6 years of marriage.
A lot of things happened during this time, but I am especially glad for having this child being in our lives every day.
Santiago was at work today, we were at home enjoying our summer day - ice cream with incredibly good homemade magic chocolate shell topping (the one that hardens on top of the ice cream! check out this recipe), some sea-buckthorn lemonade (!), fruits from the garden, playing picnic on the floor and picking flowers from the garden lawn. Tomorrow is the start of a short (2 days only) working week for me.
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  1. Feliz aniversario chicos!
    Vaya, como pasa el tiempo, parece que fue ayer cuando os casasteis y ya han pasado seis años...
    Seguid asi de bien ;) un abrazo

  2. Gracias, Víctor. Pues sí, el tiempo vuela. Intentaremos lo mejor que podamos, y esperamos poder ir a vuestra boda algun año de estos. :-) Un consejo: avisad con mucha antelación - un año mas o menos :-)


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