Saturday, July 28, 2012

Rainy saturday

The plan for today was to visit a farm where we were supposed to pick blackcurrant. But it was clear that the boring and steady rein was not going to let us. But I can not say that we had a boring day anyways, I think it was nice.
1. The infinite project: the bed blanket is really never ever going to be finished... This one is boring...

2. We are late this year with a present for Greta's spanish cousin that just turned 3. So we painted something for him this morning.

Finished. I painded a pinguin with my handprint, added the eyes, and Greta continued with "eyebrows", "arms", the heart to the left and the horse (!) to the right. A little present for the cousin.

3. Together with this one. I printed the picture of them together this summer, and Greta painted the picture frame (pink, of course, but I hope it is ok...)

4. This is a good one. The other day Greta said to me:
- Мама, смотри, виноград!
- Look, mum, the grapes!
She was the first one to notice our tomatoes started to appear.

5. This is the first time we did sprout our own seeds for salad. I just loved the taste, and I will sure repeat again and again. This one was brokkoli seeds. Even Greta loved them.

6. I don't know what is it with rainy days, but it is surely the best days drinking lots of tea and cooking and eating good food.

7. And, of course, we needes some craft project to complete this weekend. This time we made glass beads bracelets, one with safety pins and one with a piece of old jeans. Look tutorial here. Greta helped a lot. Not only she was trying to put the glass beads on a safety pin, byt she also helped me with the glue.

8. Even if we did not pick blueberries, you know how much I love berries... so I just had to go buy some blueberries. Part is frozen now, and another - eaten.

9. The evening oatmeal with blueberries, and to bed.

10. And do you know what she told me before going to sleep?
I kiss her good night and say:
- Спокойной ночи, моя девочка. 
- Нет, я не девочка...
- А кто ты? Ты же не мальчик...
- Нет, я... виноград!

- Good night, my girl.
- I am not a girl...
- No? Who are you then? You are not a boy...
- No, I am... a grape!
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