Sunday, July 15, 2012

In the heart of Norway

As I have been saying in one of the previous posts, we have guests from Spain and were going to show them a little bit of Norway - the fjords and the fjells (sorry, mountains, I mean)
So we went first to Sognefjord and then to Jotunheimen. Incredible experience, the last one. I want back there as soon as possible.
By the road to the fjord, we stopped and saw several stave churches, this one is in Uvdal (which actually can not be called stave church because it has some non-wooden parts :-))
 Strange pictures of Greta running in the cemetery :-)
 Somewhere in the middle of the mountain
 There was a problem in one of the tunnels 20 km to Aurland, so we had to wait a couple of hours. The funny thing is that when I said I was going to check on internet what happens with the tunnel, my Spanish friend said surprised: "If you manage to find out on internet what is happening, I love this country, I will move here!". I found out :-)
After we got out of the tunnels, we started having a typical fjord landscape :-)
 Gudvangen camping was a good place to stay at.

And the day after we took a tourist boat in Nærøyfjord and Sognefjord.

 That was all for our trip to the fjords. After that we drove to Gjenden lake in Jotunheimen. We stayed the first night in Gjendesheim tourist-cabin. I have never had a better view from a toilet before :-)
 The day after we took a boat from Gjendesheim to Memurubu, the water in the lake has a magic green color :-)
 And from Memurubu we start our wonderful trip to Gjendebu, approx. 13 km in the mountain :-) Fun! Here it starts, this river goes into the lake and contains sand particles that make the lake this nice color.

 The first part is pretty hard to climb, but the rest is very nice.
 The spectacular view starts right there, here you see Gjenden and the Memurubu cabin.
 And getting to the first top - the valley of Memuru.
 More of the lake:
 This is kind of what you see when you are in the middle of the route - mountains all around you :-)
 And flowers, and snow, and cold lakes :-))
 The path we took is Bukkelægeret - very steep way down, but fortunately not so complicated. Here is the last part of the lake with Gjendebu cabin there, so you make the idea of the steep path ahead of us.
 A short stop half-way down for sunbathing :-)

Once you are down, your 3-year old says she wants to walk by herself and jump in the water puddles:

 Yes, we did it! Arriving to Gjendebu!

 It was a great trip, I am looking forward to go back there and try the Besseggen path, which is supposed to be longer, more difficult, more fun and just MORE of Jotunheimen. Love the place!
That night we had dinner and slept at Gjendebu and took the boat back to Gjendesheim today morning.

And on our way back home today we accidentally stopped on a farm where Greta fed the bunny :-)

And we are having nice spanish paella for dinner :-)

I hope you are having a great summer, as much as I do! 


  1. Какая Гретта милая!...

  2. спасибо :-)) а природа что не понравилась? :-)

    1. Да понравилась конечно ) пейзажи захватывающие!

  3. Какое все красивое, эх :)

  4. а еще к нам едут Маша с Вовкой. Ура!


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