Saturday, December 22, 2012

Better late than never

This year I can say this about our Christmas preparation. The past years we usually are pretty early with all the decoration, balind and other "fun Christmas stuff". This year I have a thousand excuses for my negligence. But instead of going through that, I will show how efficient we were today and how much fun we had. Well, actually, we started already yesterday with the Christmas tree decoration. The tree was here for more than a week now, and Greta did an attempt to decorate it, but it was not before yesterday after work when I started feeling the Christmas spirit, so I out on my Christmas hat and decorated the tree together with Greta. We also put all the presents under the tree, so we are very patient waiting to open all of them.
Also, Greta reminded me (again!) that we have not made the gingerbread cookies yet.... So she woke me up early today to make sure we will make them. So we had to. And I must admit it starts being fun that she actually finishes what she starts. The previous years I had to do almost everything by myself, now it was just the putting to the oven, setting the timer and taking out of the oven. I am happy to see how grown up she is now. The bad part is that she only ate cookies the rest of the day, except for a lunch consisting of two eggs. Sad, actually.
We actually did a lot of other stuff today: we managed to go to the town and made grocery shopping for the holidays, while Santiago was working, we fetched the last post and run into our friend near the post office, we packed the last presents and put them under the tree. Later our neighbour came with her two kids, so we had fun playing, until Greta's friend Kristina came and we had even more fun. We even went or a walk with the girls, in the nice Christmasy snowing weather.
Actually, pretty fine for the first day of holidays!


  1. В праздники можно и расслабиться )) так почему бы не печеньицем...

  2. да, мы долго тянули с расслабухой в этом году. только в пятницу вечером дошло до нас, что выходные настали.


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