Tuesday, December 25, 2012

The Christmas day

Merry Christmas to everybody!
We had a nice evening yesterday, just us in our little family, very informal and relaxing day.
This morning we remembered that we completely forgot to make the gingerbread house this Christmas, so Santiago and Greta got their hands on it while I went to church for the Christmas mass.
The rest of the day was cozy, too. A walk in the fresh snow, playing with the new presents, reading new books and trying on the new clothing. Santiago even tested his present when he went skiing with his new pants and jacket.
Continue having great vacation!

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  1. С Рождеством, Ксюша тебя и твою семью! ))) XXX

  2. Спасибо, Марина. С наступающим вас Рождеством!


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