Monday, December 31, 2012

Christmas holidays and celebrating the New Year

The Christmas holidays went so fast. We had guests many guests during this time. We went to visit some friends, too. We enjoyed the holidays and the good food. We spent time giving, receiving and enjoying the Christmas presents. We baked, played, painted and had fun. We slept strange hours, we slept late and we overslept. We met somebody in the town every time we went out, we wished them Merry Christmas and The happy New Year. We enjoyed playing in the snow before the rain and the warm weather came and washed it all away. It was really really a great family and friends time this year. 
I am supposed to underline the results of this year, right? But I have a million things spinning around in my head. Tomorrow the new year starts. But I am so happy with this one, too. Great things happened, and even greater are planned. Everything turned out great. I am thankful for that. And I am patient. I feel that many things are unfinished this year, but I feel confident that they will turn out just well next year. Having said that, I am happily celebrating the end of this year and the start of the next one. I am ready for whatever is prepared in it. We will see. 
Today Greta helped me to clean the house after the holiday mess. More visiting friends, today too. We visited our friends where we were 4 families, with kids. Delicious food, great time, lots of fun and play, both inside and outside. I am so happy and thankful. 
Anyway, thank you for being with me this year. 
Have a great New Year celebration (if it is not too late!) See you next year. 

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