Sunday, July 28, 2013

Lazy Sunday

Hello. I hope you had a good weekend. We spent the whola day at home. I had to do something with all the two boxes of strawberries. We eat almost only strawberries these days, they are so good! So I froze a big part of them, too. And also mixed some with sugar and froze that, too. Work for the whole morning. Greta and Santiago were watching some cartoons, building with lego and painting.

After lunch I honestly tried to knit or go outside with Greta for a walk or something, but I went to bed instead and slept almost until 1830!!! I guess I needed it. I would not mind sleeping more, actually.
Last day at work tomorrow, I have mixed feelings about it. It feels right to finish working now, but I also feel a bit nostalgic, and I guess I always have difficulties switching my main activity. Good thing is that the whole next week is full of things to do, so I will not get bored.
Have a good Monday!

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