Sunday, July 14, 2013

Trip to Sweden

Since the weather was still good, we went to the beach. To Sweden. To the Koster Islands, not so far from the Norwegian border. The islands are ca-free, peaople use bycicles to move around, and you take a boat to go there. Here we are on our way:

A tender moment with mom after lunch:

Good beach, probably there are more of them on the islands, we just went to the first we saw.

Here is my 8 months pregnant belly. Ta-da!

We played with the sand on the beach, and played ball while waiting for the ferry back.

We hed a room at a camping site where we stayed overnight, and today we just had it slowly - a breakfast in town and a good time at a playground.

On our way back we stopped at the big shopping mall and filled the car with stuff, as always. But that is ok too, from time to time.

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