Sunday, July 21, 2013


We keep on enjoying the Norwegian summer, inspite of lacking vacation. Who cares when you have weekends! Sorry that all three first pictures contain soap bubbles :-)

We went to Oslo today, walked in the centre, to the fortress, to Fridays (the only smart way to get your husband to come along with you to the "boring" whole day trip to Oslo).

Greta refuses to take normal pictures with me. :-)

While eating ice cream with dad is ok :-)

Then we walket towards the museum of magic and watched a magician show. I never get to undersnand the tricks, though. :-)

And the rest of the evening in the Frognerbadet, the swimming pool in Frogner park.

Greta took a picture of us, nice, right?

Did you have a great weekend? I still have 6 working days laft before maternity leave, and I don't expect next weekend be any fun compared to this one - Santiago just told me we need stuff from Ikea… I have to think of a way to rescue the weekend!

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