Monday, February 6, 2012

Busy Monday

You know, now I don´t go to work on Monday. And Greta does not go to the kindergarten. What do we do then? Every week we invent different activities, sometimes we even go to the mall to eat ice cream. But I try to keep it simple. We usually have the clean part and the play part. Greta over time involeves herself in the clean part more and more. She tells me where to do the vacuum cleaning, puts things on the shelves, and today she even decided to clean the windows. Oh, yeah. The helmet... she also riges her mini micro at home :-))
The play part is always different, too. It might be a walk in the town, painting, reading, cooking, you name it. Today we played put the bunny to sleep. But we have so many bunnies that they do not fit to the Ikea bed anymore (all together, of course). That is why we made the bunny sleeping bag.
Oh-oh! Looks like I will have to kame another one....
Happy bunnies sleep in couples :-)

(We also have the eat and the sleep part of the day, which is always nice, too. And the swimming pool in the evening. Full package!)
Do I need to say that I love my Mondays now! Good bye the words "Oh... it is Monday again... :-("
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