Friday, February 10, 2012

Unexpectedly sick :-(

I thought this morning that she learnt to fake being sick not to go to the kindergarten (even when she does like it), but my maternal instinct told me to listen to her and stay home with her. I am happy we did stay at home. There is nothing more sad than a sick toddler. Wgere is all this energy to run, jump, play, eat, and so on?
10 AM
11 AM
1 PM
6 PM

She slept 3 times today, puked also 3 times, ate nothing, but at least I convinced her to drink some water. Thankfully, in the second part of the day she agreed to at least be read to, before that she just cried, puked, slept hugging me, and cried again :-( Now she is in bed again, I have no idea what kind of night to expect. I just wish she gets better soon.
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