Thursday, March 8, 2012

I really missed my sewing machine :-))

The first thing I did after coming back home is to sew a skirt for Greta. A festive skirt. She likes!
(Do not mind her having a pajamas underneath :-)))

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  1. That’s a very colorful skirt, I’m sure you’re Little Greta likes this. Every mom who has a cute and adorable daughter like her will be inspired to design clothes for her daughter. By the way, how long have you been sewing clothes for your daughter, did you take a formal sewing class?

  2. Thank you, Rocky! Yes, sje loves the skirt, we are just waiting for a better weather to wear it. Unfortunately, I am no good at designing clothes, I really need a pattern and a detailed description of how to make it. This one is from the book "Sewing clothes kids love" (or something like that), good book, very complicated projects.
    I never did any sewing class, just asked my husband to buy me a sewing machine one year and a half ago, and quite love the process!


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