Sunday, March 11, 2012

The spring is coming

The sun is shining. Already after the morning run I see that it will be a great spring Sunday. We are in the middle of March, anyway. It will be getting warmer and warmer, no doubt about that. The problem about spring is that it is too short. It was winter, thrn it is summer right away, while the spring lasts just a couple of weeks. So we have to use the time wisely to be able to see all the changes in the nature that happen so fast. Greta loved to play in the warn today, we spent a nice hour outside.
Soon it is Greta's birthday, and I have to prepare a lot of things. And our trips to Spain, that are half planned. And 2 races, one 10km in the end of april, and half marathon in the middle of may. So many things are happening now.
But Greta likes that it is easier to go outside now, less clothing, warm weather. I love the nature, so I look forward to the snow to melt in the forest and walk and run there.
Hace a great start of the weel everybody!

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