Saturday, April 27, 2013

Easter trip. Day 2. Puerto Ayora.

Continuing our story about the trip to the Galapagos Islands. On our second day we left Guayaquil and took a flight to the islands. The airport is on Baltra island, north from Santa Cruz. At the airport we found out they do not accept cards to pay for the entrance to the national park, so they took out passports and let us it, so we had to recover them later, when we got cash. That was unusual, we are so used to pay with card everywhere. Anyway, after a short trip by bus to Baltra port, we took a ferry boat to Santa Cruz, where we continued by bus to our hotel. It is Galapagos Eco Suites in the village of Buenavista, around 7 km from the "center" - Puerto Ayora. The bus driver was very kind and accepted to stop by our hotel, even though he did not know wher it was located. He was unsure, but did find it after a while. We were really happy with our apartment and with the service in general. When we came, we were the only ones staying in the hotel, apparently because it was still long time before easter vacation, and because some celebrations on Isabela island at the same time.
This is the living room, or Greta's room.

And our bedroom.

The view was nice, and it was pretty great to be a bit away from the town, in a small village in the middle of the forest.

The hotel had a swimming pool that we could enjoy any time we wanted.

And we did. After such a long journey it was nice to relax a bit before heading to the town for exploring the new places.

Did I mention the great service? The family taking care of the hotel is very nice, they bring you fruit from the own garden, fresh natural juices, you feel very welcome. All the food they prepared there was from their own garden, all fresh and natural.

After a couple of hours of relaxation, we took a taxi to the town. We wanted to explore a bit the very first day, and we also needed to find a place to get cash (we did). The view from the harbour in the evening.

The town is nice and safe, many places to visit, and great for kids, too.

So ve headed to the fisherman's harbour, where the fresh fish goes straight to the market, and where pelicans and sea lions come to take a chance and try to steal a bit. We heard a lot about the place, and it was great. It is just relaxing to sit there and watch.

We took a walk in the town, found a good place for dinner, and got back to the hotel, still very tired from the jet lag, but happy to be in a new exotic place.

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