Saturday, April 13, 2013

Something about our Easter trip. Day 1. Guayaquil

When we went to Galapagos islands, we stopped for a day in Guayaquil, a nice city in Ecuador, from which you usually take plane to the islands. It rains a lot there, and it rains often. It was not a surprise when it rained the day we were there.
But before it started raining, we started in Simon Bolivar park, just in fromt of the Cathedral.

The park is famous for its iguanas.

Then the pauring rain started, so we soon got bored of walking wet and needed to buy some dry things. So we waited until the shopping mall opened.

Me, wet.

If not for the rain, the nature there is beautiful, and everything is green.

The day after we continued to the islands, but I will show that some other time. :-)

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