Thursday, April 11, 2013

Where have we been?

The week before easter we traveled to the Galapagos islands. This year we could not wait for vacations anymore and decided to travel to the warm place right away. This looks just like another world. We experienced lots of new things, but the best is the nature, the animals you will never see any other places, exotic fruit, the tropical rain, and the feeling of being in such an authentic place. It takes really a lot of time to travel there, to we needed to spend some time there once we did it. Two weeks went very fast, but we got an unforgottable experience. We travelled to Amsterdam, then to Guayaquil in Ecuador (with a short stop in Quito airport), where we stopped for a day, and continued our journey further. 2 hours from Ecuador we were in Galapagos Islands. We stayed mostly on Santa Cruz, several days on Isabela, and short day trips to Floreana and Bartolome. The tropical rain was incredibly good, but it damaged our camera and we could not use it for almost a week. Greta loved the animals, she was running after iguanas and crabs. The tortoises are huge. The sharks are exciting. The snorkeling is great.
I show you a couple of pictures so you make the idea.
The travel went pretty good. Greta enjoyed watching films during the flight, and slept happily the last 4-5 hours.

Our day in Guayaquil was also rainy, to say it some way. But it is beautiful.

Puerto Ayora on Santa Cruz. Near the fishermans bay, where sea lions and pelicans come to steal some fish from the market.

Tortuga Bay is the best beach I have seen (and Hauklandstrand in Lofoten in the North Norway), even walking for 40 minutes under the sun through the cactus forest could not stop us from going there three times.

Snorkeling is great with a child on the back )

 Greta observing iguanas on a beach on Isabela.

This is really a one in a lifetime experience, and I strongly recommend Galapagos for vacation if you like the real authentic places.
Good to be back home, too.

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  1. Славные фотографии! Грета хорошенькая, растет :)


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