Saturday, April 13, 2013

The birthday celebration

Last year at this dates we went to the forest and there were no snow, we actually was going to have Greta's birthday party outside. There was no doubt this year, we actually got some new snow in the last couple of days. But is getting wasmer, so the spring will finally come. Eventually.
But this post is not about complaining. It is about the day today, the berthday celebration for our BIG girl now. Because she says she is 9, not four. :-)
She got our presents yesterday already, but was so lucky to get the presents from both pairs of her grandparents today. Since we get up early, and it was still to early to start the preparations, we spent the morning reading books on the sofa and eating popcorn for breakfast :-)
So we started the day with unpacking the presents and getting prepared for the party. The grandparents are always very nice with the presents, and send some cute clothes Greta just loves (the trick is that the clothing has to have either cats or hearts, or both). The doll was also quite a surprise for Greta. The Spanish grandparents sent us a present that will be lovely for the next carnival season - the flamenco costume
It is a lot of work to prepare to receive many 4-5 year old kids at your home, so I was a bit freaking out. I must admit the beginning was just crazy, nothing looked like it was going to stick to our plan, but suddenly I even had a moment to relax and grab a piece of food, too.
I am glad I did not bake the cake, because I just could not. Went for the simple solution and bought the best cheesecake they had. No wonder there is no left.
We started by handing two big pizza doughs to the kids, and the toppings, so they made pizzas. But nobody of them wanted to eat them... Thew wanted sausages. Ok, the parents loved the pizza, though.
Greta loved opening her presents, and I must say she got realy good ones, too. We appreciate the effort.
After the party it took a while until everybody left, but it was also nice to sit and chat with the parents while the kids seemed to have fun.
(I even felt so relaxed I started missing the starbucks coffee - so I made a cup with vanilla whipped cream. Yummy!)
When everybody left, Greta just had to try on the flamenco dress, and had hun dancing.
Great! Take a look how wonderfully we spent time today.
Why not start the day with the popcorn?

Greta it trying on her new dress from the grandparents.

And opening the present from Spain.

Waiting impatiently for the cake.

The flamenco dance outside.

Did you have a good day today?

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