Saturday, April 20, 2013

Hello, weekend!

Suddenly, another weekend!! The time goes so fast, and the spring is already here. There is still some snow outsode, in the shadows, but otherwise everything is getting greener and summerly. We even cleaned up the garden today and prepared the terrasse for summer!! In a couple of days the rest of the snow will melt too.
Greta is almost counting days until her grandparents come to visit us. She is very fond of them, of course! Otherwise, there was not much happening here today. I spent the morming (after the garden work) going through Greta's pictures from the kindergarden for the last four months, many good pictures I have not seen before, so I saved all of them for myself. During the weekends we allow Greta to use the flamenco dress at home, but she would use it every day if the could. She likes it too much. Santiago changed our car to summertires today, too. Greta is very proud to become a sister soon, and talks about it all the time :-)
So while Santiago were having his afternoon siesta, Greta and I were playing making heart beads.

Playing with beads is fun!

I am quite impressed how concentrated she can be sometimes. I am a bit jealous that am am not so patient.

After a short trip to the groceries store on a bike to buy butter, I decided to make apple and cinnamon empanadas for dessert. Liked it, even I struggled a lot with the dough.

After the dinner and some computer time, in the evening we went for a stroll with the scooter. A lot of fun now when the weather allows it, but Greta still has to learn to control it better. Also it was interesting to fing flowers along the way.
So it was getting late, even you can not say that when it is so much light in the evenings now. So I told Greta we head back home because I started to freeze :-)

A happy girl found some flowers along the way!

The last two pictures are taken not too far from our home, during our evening stroll. Usually you do not see them, but if you look closer, it is full of flowers everywhere now. We liked them, Greta and me.
We have no big plans for tomorrow, but we surely find something interesting to do!
What are you doing this weekend? Have a good one anyway.


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