Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Busy Tuesday

Tuesdays are busy days here. This morning we had a parent-kindergarten meeting about Greta. This kind of meetings always make me feel so proud of her and see her through the eyes of other people. The summary is: she is well devoloped, she talks (in 3 languages), sings, plays, eats well, falls asleep all by herself in the stroller singing herself the songs :-) She expresses her emotions with all her body, face and gestures. She smiles and laughts with her eyes. She loves to paint. She likes to play outside and she is very communicative with other kids and adults, knows the names of everybody. They also told me that they will send her kindergarten pictures to me, so I am looking forward to get them and I will post some on the blog.
In the evening, while Santiago was there in the kindergarten helping out with voluntary work, we were at out next-last music class. Greta really sings now, someimes I stop singing myself to listen to her, and she knows all the lyrics of all the norwegian songs we sing. And today she also debuted with something. There is this song when they put a child to the bed-sheet and swing while singing, and Greta always were so scared of it. But today she decided to try, and she liked it so much that we had to repeat once again, and she almost did it the third time too. Incredible. She is combating her fears.
These days I also noticed that she really can pronounce some complicated words. I can say any word and she will repeat it. And the easy words evolved, too. For example, she was saying "сяк" for the baloon (шарик in Russian), but now she says "сялик". And this is just the simpliest of examples. I can also sing a song she knows well, and she will finish the endings of every line. Isn't that wonderful! And all that in all 3 languages!
Well, after the music we went to the shopping mall and bought me a shirt, and Greta bought herself a blue sun hat (the one she uses when she paints in the next pictures).
While Santiago was grilling our dinner, we decided to paint a bit, since they told me in the kindergarten that she really enjoys it.
And here is the result.

And a little of home pictures. The rests of the easter marzipan eggs, the tablecloth from the fabric we bought at Stoff og Stil last weekend, and my night table with the books I read now: Min Kamp and Our Babies, Ourselves.

PS. Every time I upload pictures with picasa, I have to after that go manually to blogger and change pictures size from 400 to 600, even when I choose "big pictures" from picasa. Is there a way to set default to 600?
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