Saturday, May 28, 2011

Owl and Glefsegompen

Do you hava an old wool sweater that you (or somebody else) accidentally wasged at 60 degrees and you can`t use it anymore? Than you can make Owl and Glesegompen (from the SikkSakk book). Greta loved them! Glefsegompen is a friend of Owl´s. Mine is not completely finished yet, because I ran out of the woof to fill the inside. But Greta already plays with them. They are so soft and cozy! I have never thought I would do something with those old small sweaters :-)
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  1. yes! send me your address, I will make one for you :-)

  2. I was kidding
    But now I WANT it!

    address is on BB (I dont know your email to send you mine)
    kiss you


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