Saturday, May 21, 2011

Long weekend. Day 3. Krossobanen and the lake Tinnsjøen

In the morning we discovered a great place to play in the house on the last floor, so after some time playing there Greta had a siesta there, while we were making gazpacho.
And after that we went to the other side of the town Rjukan, to the top of another mountain, using Krossobanen. After playing a bit in the kids area and contemplating Gaustatoppen from ths side, we started our way down. 4 km walking to go from 886 moh down to 403 moh.

Almost down.

And this is a 180 degrees panorama from the lake Tinnsjø - one of the biggest in Norway. I like it so much because if you want to go see a fjord, but do not want to go too far, you can go to this lake because it looks just like some fjords do.

Greta plays with Santiago and paper airplanes.

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